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Welcome to Home & Manor

Home & Manor is a premium brand Home Furnishings and Décor Products Company, offering highest quality of products made with Handloom Silk, Linen, Cotton, and home improvement exclusive products. We deliver grace and charm with our wide range of product. Leveraging regional capabilities of India, we produce, procure and supply quality premium products, displaying Home Furnishing items through an aesthetically designed array of Premium Pillows, Hand knotted wool and silk area Rugs, Luxurious Bedding, Hypoallergenic organic Baby Bed, Poufs-Ottoman, Wall Art, Hand Made Painting, Cotton Quilt, Silk Scarf, Vintage Décor collection and Best-in-class Kitchen items.

We believe in creating something unique with which people can relate to us. We are specialized in customizing products. If standard Size, Length, Width, Color option won’t work for you and you need your products as per your requirement, we feel happy to make your dream come true by customizing the products as per your wishes. We believe our job is not done until you feel happy and fully satisfied.

We are pleased to share that Home & Manor is awarded, Best of 2019 Downers Grove in the category of Home Goods Store.

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